iMRS core system (iMRS controller), Full body Mattress, Pillow and Probe all comes with three years warranty, usually on a 1-to-1 replacement. Customers will have to send the item to the nearest service center at their own cost, with free replacement shipping from the service center.

Accessories and other components warranty are as follow:

  • Power Adapter – 6 months
  • iSLRS – 6 months
  • iMORE – 1 year

Before sending back the item, always log an official support case at http://support.swissbionic.com/support

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Bemer is another popular home-based PEMF system and commonly used to compare against the iMRS system. Both systems are classified as low intensity and low frequencies PEMF system and priced similarly, depending on the actual configuration.

The imrs2000.com website made quite a comprehensive comparison between the two products http://www.imrs2000.com/imrs-vs-bemer/.

One thing also which need to be highlighted aside what’s been mentioned is, the sawtooth effect from iMRS is more than just the four frequencies. iMRS sawtooth is one of the most sophisticated waveforms designed for cellular energizing. iMRS sawtooth consists of a base frequency of 64Hz and a variable gated frequencies running between 0.1 – 30Hz. The design amplified the rise and dropped much more drastically as compared to just usual square wave (as seen in the diagram below).

An easier comparison is a piece of music delivered by an orchestra vs. delivered by a single instrument.

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Both iMRS and Omnium1 are built on the same technology and application principle. Meaning the frequency range, intensity of both the full body mattress and pad/pillow are the same. The only difference is the optional probe (in iMRS), and OmniSpot (in Omnium1) are for different applications.

Omnium1 is not designed to replace iMRS, but to serve as a more portable, more affordable home use system. Despite sharing the same technology, Omnium1 is not a medically certified device in Europe and North America like iMRS system.

Read more about the differences between the two systems.

Comparison-iMRS.vs.Omnium1 (v2)

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iMRS iGuide is a database of preset (intensity and duration) for the three applicators, for close to 300 known ailments. Please check out a detailed buyer’s guide for iMRS at http://pemf.asia/ which explain the mechanism of iGuide.

In short, most home users will not see the need to purchase iGuide. The iGuide is mostly used by the professionals who use the system in their clinics or centers where different users’ profiles are expected on a daily basis.

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You can place your order online under https://ebw.swissbionic.com. or you can contact us at sales@eastbaywellness.com.sg or call (65) 9828-0327 for more information. For local Singapore purchase, we also accept 12-months installment with OCBC Credit Card, Cash or Cheque payment.

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All shipment for Asia and ANZ comes from either Hong Kong warehouse or Singapore warehouse. Hong Kong office handles North Asia, and the Singapore office handles South Asia, ASEAN, and ANZ. Both offices work in the same region.

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Price for iMRS systems is configured according to the region – namely Europe (Union and non-Union), UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Singapore, Australia/New Zealand and International pricing.

In Asia, the price is in Hong Kong dollars (before applicable import tax and shipping), with the exception for Singapore, where there is a Singapore dollar pricing that is already inclusive of import tax, as Singapore is one of the two offices in Asia. The other one is in Hong Kong.

Non-Europe pricing is mainly baseline on US price, with the differences being the exchange rate, import duties for respective countries and shipping cost


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Yes, it is. However, iMRS 2000 is not the official name for iMRS. The name is used commonly by the http://imrs2000.com, a site by Bryant Meyers, and brand all the iMRS designo (2001), iMRS (2010) and iMRS (2014) simply as iMRS 2000. iMRS 2000 supplied by imrs2000.com is the same product provided by Swiss Bionic Solutions, and it is not an OEM product.

The reason to use iMRS 2000 likely was originated from the 2001 model, iMRS Designo 2000, where the word “Designo” was taken out by the website. This name is so prevalent in North America that it is carried forward and referred to as iMRS 2000 for all the subsequent upgrades.

Below shows the generation of iMRS and model over the years…

iMRS (released 2014) is the current model of the flagship product, with several enhancements, including improved accessories like iMORE 2.0 (Finger sensor) and integrated audio-visual goggle iSLRS.


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