The equivalent in iMRS Prime are as follows:

  • Wellfit in iMRS –> Basic in iMRS Prime
  • Complete in iMRS -> Advanced in iMRS Prime
  • Professional in iMRS -> Expert in iMRS Prime

In both configuration, SET bundle added HRV finger sensor (iMORE or Sense) and Brainwave Entrainment System (iSLRS or Brain) respective.

In iMRS Prime, there are 2 additional model not available in iMRS

  • Hybrid – that comes with Hybrid Far Infrared Full-body Mat
  • Trial – In addition to Hybrid, add Trial Software tool.
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No. You cannot use the old iMRS applicators or iSLRS with the new iMRS Prime system for two reasons: (1) the interface connector is different and (2) the chip board and communicating protocol is entirely different. The iMORE finger sensor, however share the same connector interface, and it may still be used, though not officially supported by Swiss Bionic Solutions.

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Both iMRS Prime and Omnium1 are built on the same technology and application principle. Meaning the frequency range, intensity of both the full-body mattress and pad/pillow are essentially the same. The key unique features available in iMRS PRIME are

  • Far Infrared Hybrid Full-body Mat
  • Bio-feedback finger sensor based on HRV, to adjust intensity dynamically during a full-body session
  • iGuide – database of recommended settings for close to 300 ailments
  • Split mode operation – running 2 concurrent sessions
  • Trial Mode – where you can customize the parameters
  • 2 additional quick start programs

Check out this article: iMRS Prime vs Omnium1 for in-depth analysis of the differences

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