iMRS Prime Hardware

Hybrid FIR Mat

The Hybrid Far Infrared (FIR) Mat or Exagon FIR probably is one of the most significant new features introduced in the new iMRS Prime line up – under the Hybrid Configuration. The effect of low heat (up to a maximum of 45c) and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) offers a very complementary blend of stimulation that can be felt immediately at the sensory level, on top of the cellular stimulation and resonance from both the effect of FIR and PEMF.

Integrating FIR on top of PEMF needs careful engineering so to ensure the FIR layer doesn’t emit electromagnetic radiation that could interfere with the delicate PEMF signals generated by the iMRS system. Swiss Bionic Solutions adopted the non-radiative material, carbon fibre as the heating element. The type of carbon fibre used in Exagon FIR mat offers an extremely well-distributed heat (as seen in the picture below taken using FLIR FIR imaging)


Note: Hybrid / FIR session is activated through a dedicated Hybrid Program, or through a customized session in Trial mode. Starting with firmware 2.3x or higher, Hybrid/FIR feature can now be used with all Fast Start and iGuide programs. Information is accurate as of April 2024. This may change with different firmware release in future. Contact us for latest update.

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