iMRS Prime Hardware

Exagon Brain – Brainwave Entrainment

The new Exagon Brain is a complete redesign in both the hardware and software department. Like the iMRSone’s OmniBrain, it can now support 256 scales for each of the blue, green and red colour, with the possibility of millions of colour combination. Instead of 2 separate audio and light cables, there will just the goggle (light) cable to the headset. The audio now can be connected using any of your personal 3rd party ear phone or headphone that is using 3.5mm audio jack. This greatly simplify the system maintenance and flexibility.

iMRS Prime Exagon Brain Software Interface

In addition, you can now also upload and select the music playlist to the specific session.

iMRS Prime Exagon Brain Music Adminstration
Customized your own playlist

You can also enable/disable the audio-visual brainwave entrainment before you start a session, instead of a global activation/deactivation as in the previous iMRS system.

iMRS Prime Quick Start Brainwave Entrainment Session

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