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Exagon Applicators

iMRS Prime Exagon Applicators

Exagon Applicators essentially follow the design of the flag-ship iMRS system, aside now it comes with a Spot, instead of Probe. There are few significant improvements:

Durable bio-medical grade Vinyl material

An LED indicator on each of the applicator – indicates the working and polarity status of the applicator.

iMRS Prime Exagon Applicator LED indicator
LED indicators on the operational status and polarity

New Exagon Spot Applicator in place of Probe.
Since the introduction of OmniSpot in the iMRSone Omnium1 series, the spot has been one of the most favourite applicators. Unlike probe, while offering high-intensity treatment, it can be used hands-free by simply wrapping the spot around the area like knee, ankle, elbow, etc.. The sandwich Helmholtz effect also offers a very effective treatment as compared to single directional application.

iMRS Prime Exagon Spot Application

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