iMRS Prime Software

Exagon Sense HRV

The bio-feedback Exagon Sense (previously iMORE) consists of two components – bio-feedback software and the sensor hardware.

Exagon Sense Software

The Bio-feedback Exagon Sense software feature gets a fresh upgrade in term interface and also its data compatibility, which is an important upgrade, as this can open out a range of future integration and development opportunity with 3rd party software vendors.

Oxygen Concentration Level (SPO2): Exagon Sense software now can pick up the SPO2 and display on the session screen as one of the display parameters. This parameter reflects your blood oxygen concentration.

Storing sessions history and export to 3rd party HRV analysis software. A single session of Heart rate variable (HRV) reading cannot reflect anything meaningful on your health condition. However, if you keep tap of your HRV session over a period of time, say 2 weeks or more, then you can use this information to see a trend and better understand your body conditions. The new Exagon Sense software now allows you to export the session data to a 3rd Party HRV software, to do a further assessment. Check out the video below to learn more about kubios software. The best part is, Kubios HRV software is free for standard use.

Exagon Sense Finger Sensor

Technically the new iMRS Exagon Sense finger sensor is similar to the original iMORE finger sensor 2.0 but with aesthetic (color tone) changes.

iMRS Prime Exagon Sense

Exagon Sense is an optional accessory and can be an add-on to any configuration.

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