iMRS Prime Software

Trial Mode

Trial mode, in essence, is a mode where the system allows you to freely decide the frequency, 5 waveform (sawtooth, sine, square, triangle, and trapezoid), pulse duration (rest duration in between), session duration (in minutes), temperature setting for the far-infrared mat, and intensity level in uT. This is call trial simply it reflects the purpose of this configuration. Users who purchase this configuration will need have a deep understanding of the possible effect of the permutations.

Targeted purposes / audience for this features:

  • For clinical experiment
  • For therapist/practitioner who may need a certain frequency, waveform and intensity permutation in their practice
  • For bio-hackers
ParametersRange Settings
Frequency0.1Hz – 29.9 KHz
WaveformSawtooth, Rectangle, Sine, Triangle, Trapezoid
Impulse Width0.1 – 9.9 sec
Impulse Breaks0.1 – 4.9 sec
Intensity0.1 – 45 microTesla
Time1 – 999 min (16.65 hours)
Applicators SupportedExagon FIR, Mat, Pad and Spot only.

Settable parameter range based on the current firmware version (2.15). Please note the parameters above may change with different software versions, as the manufacturer may adjust some parameter for safety and practical reasons.

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