Upgrade iMRS Prime Firmware


Starting 2.08 and above, the firmware packaging has changed and is in .ppkg single file format instead. The upgrade package size is much smaller at around 100MB + and takes less than 5 minutes to upgrade, instead of 10-20 minutes. The upgrade process remains the same.

This is the general procedure for iMRS Prime upgrade for version 2.00 and before. You need to have a PC/Mac and a USB storage to complete the procedure. In essence, the process is:

  • Download the firmware file from a given internet link
  • Uncompressed the file and transfer to an USB drive
  • Insert the USB drive to iMRS Prime controller and and choose system update option.

Detailed Procedure

  1. Open the URL link provided to you to download the firmware. Usually this is presented as a compressed zip / gzip / tar file.
  2. Unzip and copy the 4 .wim files on a USB. The 4 .wim usually are presented in the following naming convention:
  • iMRS_prime_Vx.xx-data.wim
  • iMRS_prime_Vx.xx-efiesp.wim
  • iMRS_prime_Vx.xx-mainos.wim
  • iMRS_prime_Vx.xx-winpe.wim

3. Insert the USB to the iMRS Prime Control Unit (see figure below)

Under Settings (wheel symbol in the main menu), select -> System information and then select System update. Click the Start update button.

The update may takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the firmware version.

Completing the Update

The screen might be upside down after the update. To correct the rotation, follow the following procedure:

  1. select the tool symbol in the top bar. If this is not visible, tap the time bar in the right top bar 7x, then it should be visible