iMRS Prime Hardware

The new iMRS Prime comes with an evolutionary hardware system – based on the similar concept pioneered by iMRSone Omnium1 system – which is a revolutionary at the time of the introduction in 2014. Despite that, the iMRS Prime hardware still introduces many “first” in term of software and hardware.

The iMRS Prime hardware system is a 3 piece component – (1) Touch screen control panel (2) Connector box and (3) applicators & accessores (i.e. bio-feedback sensor and brainwave entrainment headset). The separation of control panel and connector box is to allow more connection points to the system for advance split mode operation, whereby you run the iMRS Prime as two separate virtual systems (like Hyper-V virtual system) and control 2 sessions and separate applicators and accessories.

Touch Screen Control Panel

The new sleek, aluminium blushed touch screen control panel is both a designer and ergonomics product for functional purposes. With just one power cable from the connector cable to the control panel, you can now place the touch panel at a location that is easy to access without cluttering your space, as you can easily keep the connector box out of sight. The Touch control panel comes with a stand fixed at a 45-degree position for easy operation.

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