iMRS Prime Software

iMRS Prime software went through an evolutionary upgrade while retaining the proven iMRS organ’s clock programs. Building on the now matured iMRSone Omnium1’s W@app concept since it’s first release in 2014, the iMRS core software comes with a lot more flexibility and upgrade-ability.

iMRS Prime Main Software Modules

What’s New in iMRS Prime Software

In this section, we will highlight some key software enhancements. New features that involve hardware features like far-infrared will be discussed in the new hardware features section.

Fast Start Programs (FSP)

On top of the 5 Fast Start Programs (FSP) as in Omnium1’s Quick Start Program, iMRS Prime added two additional programs – Balance/Repair and Solfeggio Scale 9. The FSP is particularly useful if you would like to achieve a certain effect using the different frequencies characteristic of the iMRS’s organ clock programs. FSP will preset the Organ clock, intensity fluctuation and duration for you, regardless of the time of the day you run the session.

iMRS Prime Fast Start Programs

As FSP uses organ clocks, it only works when using a full-body mat (Exagon Mat). As Hybrid Exagon FIR requires additional configuration of temperature setting, FSP will not activate FIR feature (for now) to simplify the operation and objective of FSP.

Solfeggio Scale 9

One notable new fast-start program introduced is Solfeggio Scale 9. This is not the usual iMRS’s Organ Clock program, but a series of frequencies based on the Solfeggio Scale 9 – 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, 963 Hz. While the name Solfeggio Scale might sound spiritual or mystic to many, this is in fact quite a scientific-based sound wave resonance used throughout the century by different civilizations. What is different in the iMRS Prime implementation is instead of the sound wave, this is presented in the form of PEMF. Read more about Solfeggio Scale 9.

ProgramsOrgan ClockIntensity/Duration Min (with section breakdown)
ActivationMorning12 minutes
10 (4 min) – 25 (4 min) – 50 (4 min)
PerformanceNoon12 minutes
50 (4 min) – 100 (4 min) – 200 (4 min)
Balance/RepairMorning, Noon,
Evening, Night
24 minutes – intensity 25 throughout
6 min for each organ clock program
RegenerationEvening24 minutes
25 (12 min) – 10 (8 min) – Sens (4 min)
Sleep Night24 minutes
10 (12 min) – Sens (12 min)
Solfeggio Scale 9174 285 396 417 528 639 741 852 & 963Hz , 9 Solfeggio Scale frequencies bundled in one pulse package25 (16 min)

You can also activate the Brainwave Entrainment system, Exagon Brain as a standalone session, without the need to couple the use or connecting to an Exagon PEMF applicator (Mat/FIR, Pad or Spot).

Fast Start Programs is available in all configuration.