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2.34Apr 2024Stable version
Additional Features:
– 2 new Fast-Start Programs. Longevity and Cell Training programs.
– Ability to set BRAIN light intensity in Fast Start programs
– Ability to enable background MUSIC in Fast Start programs
– Ability to use and set FIR in iGuide program
– Ability to continuous loop the same music file in a complete session
2.25Aug 2023Stable version
Additional Features:
– Addition of Chinese simplified language
– Ability to set FIR temperature in Fast Start
– Ability to change BRAIN color settings in Fast Start
– Addition of blue filter and automatic screen brightness adjustment
– Optimization of applicators detection speed upon plug-in
– Fixes of record management and files deletion cleanup.
2.21Jan 2023Stable version
Additional Features:
– Addition of Hybrid function in all Fast Start programs
2.20July 2022Stable version.
Fixed issues including:
– Specific applicator error messages are more comprehensive and include suggestions of correction for the client!
– Free memory space for music upload will be displayed!
– Standby-button now working after running a Split-Mode session!
– Correct temperature display when set to 10℃
Additional Features:
– Addition of standalone SPO2 diagnostic menu
– Automatic application self-test when plugging FIR applicator (simulation takes about 5 seconds until applicator has been assigned and checked entirely)!
2.18Feb 2022Stable version. Fixed issues including:
– Exagon Sense remains active after completion of session (i.e. the red led light does not turn off after session).
– System reboots independently after entering the color chart (Exagon Brain) in Hybrid Mode
– Additional of diagnostic menu for common troubleshooting.
2.15Aug 2021Stable Version. Fixed numerous BRAIN operational issues and faster detection and registration of Exagon applicators (in comparison to 2.12).
Changes of FIR temperature setting from Celsius to percentage 10-100%.
2.12Mar 2021Stable Version, with more stable applicators detection and registration. Recommended minimal version for all Prime users.
2.08Jan 2021First release version to support Exagon BRAIN. In this version, some additional check is done on applicators detection and registration, however, this may cause the system to hang in some situations.
2.04Jan 2021Further enhancement and stabilization of applicator detection and bugs fixes. Stable release for those who do not need to use Exagon BRAIN.
2.00/2.01Oct 2020First release version to support smaller firmware package in the subsequent update. Version 2.00 is available for download from the support website (https://imrsprime.com/support) for the 1.xx firmware system. 2.01 is preinstalled version from the factory and is not available for download by users. However, both versions offer similar functionalities and updates.
1.64Sep 2020Fine-tuning to applicators detection and various stability issues.
1.59Jul 2020This is the first release version that supports the use of an activation key.
1.58 and earlierPrior JulThese are the early release firmware that is distributed in two versions – Hybrid version and Trial Version (support the use of Trial program).

Existing Prime users can use this list as a reference point for their existing firmware gaps. It is imperative for all Prime users to update their firmware to the latest (or 1 version prior) stable release version so that the SBS support office can provide the necessary support.

Refer link here on how to upgrade/download the latest firmware

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