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When you are using SENSE bio-feedback, the runtime screen will display a lot information. The diagram below summarizes the key information that maybe of interest to you. In essence there are 2 parameters may be relevant to you:

  1. SPO2. This reflects the oxygen concentration level of your blood. A normal reading should consistently go beyond 95% and above. If your reading is below that, it’s worth to investigate further on your health status.
  2. HRVC. Heart Rate Variability Co-efficient reading basically reflects your body’s energy reserve (or responsiveness of your autonomous nervous system ANS). Typically a complete session will shows some fluctuations across the timeline. If your HRV reading is relatively flat and low throughout the session (i.e. 1 or 2 throughout), then this could reflect your energy reserve is low. Again, worth to investigate further of your health condition if this is consistent across multiple sessions.
  3. All the rest of information displayed are basically for information only (i.e. settings that are used for the session).
iMRS Prime Run time Session Screen
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