How to run Hybrid in FIR only?

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Quick answer – there is no such option (for now). However if your intention is to use the FIR for longer period (i.e. 60 minutes – or more in Trial mode), you can try the following settings to reduce/minimize the effect of PEMF.

For Hybrid

  • Choose Hybrid Program
  • Set Intensity: Sensitive
  • Set Organ Clock: Night

Night organ clock has the lowest frequency range, which is also idea in promoting brainwave entrainment for sleep.

For Trial

Create a new user program with the following properties:

  • Applicator: Exagon FIR
  • Waveform: Sinusoidal
  • Frequency: 0.1 Hz
  • Pulse Length: 1 Sec
  • Pulse Break: 4.9 Sec
  • Intensity: 0.1 uT
  • Minutes: To your requirement
  • FIR Intensity: To your requirement

Sinusoidal is the smoothest waveform among all and has the least stimulation effect. With this setting, essentially the mat emits a pulse every 15 seconds, or 4 pulses per minute. With just 0.1 uT, practically this is as good as “turning off” the PEMF.

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