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In this article, we will use firmware and software interchangeably, as we are referring to the same thing here.

Step 1: Check your existing version

Make sure you have firmware a minimal firmware version of 2.0 before doing the upgrade. For systems purchased in 2021, the majority will have the factory default firmware version of 2.x. Go to Settings –> System Information to check the version.

Step 2: Download Firmware

Go to https://imrsprime.com/support/ firmware upgrade section to download the latest firmware (depending on whether you are currently having a 1.x or 2.x firmware version. Always read the download instruction provided by the site for any latest updates. The instructions provided in this article will serve as supplementary information.

2.1 Upgrading from Firmware 2.xx

Starting from version 2.01, there will be only 1 single file with extension *.ppkg (see the screen below) you need to download from the website. The size of the ppkg package file is around 100+ MB, and the upgrade process is much simpler and faster. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the upgrade.

iMRS Prime Firmware File

Copy the file into a root folder of a USB drive.

Please note you can only run this package file on the iMRS Prime control system. If you try to execute this file on your Windows PC/Laptop, it will return an error message (i.e. screen below): Provisioning failure

Provisioning failure. Installation of a provisioning package failed. Please work with the package author to diagnose the problem. Reported error code: 0x800700b7

2.2 Upgrading from Firmware 1.xx

There are 4 main files for the software update. When you download from the internet, usually it’s Packed in a .zip file. The total file size is about 800MB. Unzip the files into a root folder of a USB drive.

Step 3: Transfer Files to Prime Control Unit

Insert the USB drive into either Port 1 or 2 of the control panel. Go to the setting menu (press the settings icon shown below)

Next press the System Information to go to the system update screen

At the system update screen, press “Search for Update” button. This will get the system to check the files that reside in your USB drive. Take note of the versions listed on the right side of the display.

Next, start the system update by pressing the “Update Starten” button. The system will copy the firmware and start the updating process. The entire process may take up to 15 minutes. The System will reboot once, and you will see the system boot into a command-line prompt (like the one shown below). This system may look like a freeze for several minutes. Don’t do anything. Just wait for 15-20 minutes, and the system will automatically boot into the normal start screen. There is nothing else you need to do to complete the upgrade process.


The upgrade process will start copying new firmware files into the system. Depending on the firmware version, you will likely see a various versions of the upgrade screen.

For instance, when upgrading from 1.xx version, you will see a command prompt screen and various boot screens.

Starting from firmware version 1.59, you will need to key in the activation key given to you in order to activate the features that you have purchased. Please refer to the license key activation here: https://imrs.sg/kb/activating-prime-license/

Additional Info

  • There is no requirement for you to upgrade the software version in sequential order. For instance, if your current software version is 1.53, and you wish to upgrade to 1.57, you can go straight to 1.57. You don’t have to upgrade 1.54, 1.55, 1.56 then 1.57 – unless it’s specifically mentioned in the new software version.

IMPORTANT DOWNGRADE NOTE For 2.01 or above firmware version: Do not downgrade your 2.01 (or higher) software using the 2.0 or below firmware. This will corrupt your system as the 2.01 firmware upgrade package is different from 2.0 and below upgrade package. Please contact us or your distributor if you have any doubt.

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