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Starting from firmware version 1.59, Prime software tool options need to be activated by an activation key. Depending on the configuration you purchase: Basic, Advanced, Expert, Hybrid and Trial, you will be given an activation key that is generated according to the hardware serial number shipped to you.

How to check your license key:

System Settings –> Options

The options screen will show what feature license is activated

How to activate your license options:

You should be given a soft copy activation letter that contains an 8 Alphanumeric License key. Something in the format like ABCD1234. If you have not received it, please contact us for more details.

Go to System Settings –> Options. Key in your license key in the

Key in the 8 alphanumeric license keys given. The license key is insensitive to upper/lower case.


  • You may need to key in the license key after you upgrade the firmware, or doing a forced factory reset. So keep your license key handy for future reference. You can find your Prime license in your official invoice.
  • License key is associate to the serial number of your controller hardware, and this is not transferable. If there is any replacement of the controller, a new license key will need to be generated.
  • By default, the system will run in Basic mode if wrong or no activation key is entered.
  • Exagon SENSE and BRAIN doesn’t need a special license to run. It’s enabled by default.
  • If the provided license key no longer work on the same hardware (or if your system suddenly revert to basic license), there maybe a hardware problem. Checkout this article for more information: https://imrs.sg/kb/prime-activation-key-fail/
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